Mitchell Auto Group Sponsors Simsbury American Legion Baseball

Simsbury-BaseballMitchell Auto Group is a proud supporter of Simsbury American Legion Baseball of Memorial Park in Simsbury, Connecticut.  Comprised of players from Canton, Simsbury, East Granby, and Granby, Simsbury Baseball is celebrating its 65th year with the American Legion.

As the anointed “Patriarch of Simsbury Baseball, “ Elmer “ AUGIE” Vincent started his dedicated career in 1952 with Simsbury Little League.  With the generous donation of Charles H Vincent in 1952, Elmer’s father,  “ Memorial Field 2 “ came into existence.

To honor this historic landmark and its story, we proudly sponsor the ELMER VINCENT SCHOLARSHIP FUND.  The award is presenteded to a graduating Legion player who throughout his career has displayed the attributes Elmer loved most about his players. Hard work, Dedication to the Program, Respect for his Opponents, Loyalty and Support for his teammates, and Sportsmanship.